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Mindfulness for Manual Therapists

Mindfulness is a simple practice of learning to stay with your experience, whatever it happens to be.
For most of us in the beginning, this means not jumping up and running out the door when we
discover our mind is wild, claustrophobic, and seemingly out of control.
In reality this is when the path of meditation actually begins.

Mindfulness for Manual Therapists takes you on a journey of discovery, riding the vehicle of mindfulness into the rich lands of connective tissue manipulation. The two-day workshop empowers you with mindfulness of breath, body, and movement, and integrates these into the practice of connective tissue manipulation.

How Does Mindfulness Help with Manual Therapy?

The human body speaks volumes, but we need to be aware and perceptive in order to hear its messages. By attending to simple, present moment sensations such as breath, body, and movement, mindfulness practice teaches us to calm mental chatter and come into the fullness of our experience. As a result, our perceptions become fuller and our application of technique more responsive and true.

How Does Mindfulness Work?

Mindfulness practice teaches us how to slow down and be more fully present, for ourselves, for other people, and for society. Our distracted and busy mind is not the basic thing, rather it’s a habit that has become engrained. Mindfulness practice helps us gradually let go of that habit. By gently and repeatedly coming back to the present moment, the habitual mind begins to relax and we tune into the natural openness of our experience. It’s not easy, because the momentum of our speed is intense. But if we stay with it something starts to shift, and we find ourselves suddenly here and now.

But I Can’t Meditate!

Chances are you probably can, but you may have a mistaken idea of how meditation is supposed to work. Meditation is not in any way trying to empty your mind or stop your thoughts, which are impossible anyway. Instead, mindfulness is about spending time with yourself in an intimate way, and gradually learning to ease the struggle. By making friends with your state of mind and yourself, exactly as you are, you become more confident, more fully embodied, and more responsive to life.

Revealing the Natural Mind

A central aspect of mindfulness is how it helps us uncover the healthy qualities of our mind. Mindfulness doesn’t “create” a particular state of mind, rather it’s more of a “letting go,” of clutter and speed so the natural mind can shine. The technique itself kind of short circuits our speedy-grasping mind. As a result, the positive qualities of the mind are able to be expressed naturally, without our needing to crank anything up.

Mindfulness practice is a method to help us tune in to how things really are, just beneath the surface of our anxiety. At the most basic level we are good, and the world is good. When we make this discovery, the path begins to open up. That glimpse of unconditional goodness fuels our love of life, and our allegiance starts to shift more towards living in the present moment. It takes time, but if we practice with sincerity and a clear view, we gradually wake up and find balance.

Our natural state is already clear and open and peaceful, it’s not something we can create out of ambition, trying to “make it happen.” We can’t manufacture clarity and kindness, we can’t fake it. Those qualities are our natural basis, and as we soften our grip they naturally start to shine forth.

  • slow down and come into the richness of the present moment
  • learn to relax, and drop more fully into your bodily experience
  • learn to work ‘in’ connective tissues, rather than on their surface
  • discover more subtle sensitivity in your hands, and learn to see structural patterns more clearly through your eyes
  • discover balanced, harmonious body mechanics
  • learn how to work with ease, endurance, and increased energy
Each day of the workshop will include a full morning of sitting and walking meditation. The afternoons will be dedicated to mixing mindfulness with the practice of manual therapy, through hands-on practice, discussion, and several mindfulness based exercises.

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