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Exploring Fascial Dimensions

Often in our practice as manual therapists we’re so busy “getting the job done,” that we don’t connect with the ocean of information available in the fascial layers. We’re engaged in taking care of client needs and there simply isn’t time for getting to know the connective tissue in an intimate way. Sure, we gradually develop our experience over time, but rarely do we slow down and give some quality attention to developing our fascial perception, responsiveness, and abilities.

The connective tissue matrix is endlessly rich and communicative, and expresses biological intelligence of all varieties.

Join us for a dynamic and enlightening two days of connective tissue exploration. The workshop will include lectures, slide show, experiential processes, and most importantly plenty of hands-on work on the table, exploring connective tissues from a variety of perspectives.

We’ll engage with various aspects of fascia such as collagen, fluid, and energetic, as well as the way connective tissue facilitates communication throughout the system.

Workshop Highlights

  • Slow down and “melt” your body, mind, and hands, into the richness of the connective tissue matrix.
  • Develop more confidence in perceiving, understanding, and engaging with fascial tissues.
  • Learn about the latest scientific research in connective tissue, their implications for your work as a manual therapist, and how to apply them on the table.

Check the schedule for upcoming dates and locations.

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