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About Us

Welcome to Fascial Rebalancing. We offer a unique set of workshops to broaden and deepen your skill set as a manual therapist, and a method to help you achieve lasting whole-body change with the people in your practice.

Our specialty is connective tissue manipulation for relief, education, and whole body balance. The Fascial Rebalancing method engages with the fascial system to unwind long held restrictions and compensations, bringing forth the body’s natural balance and ease.

Our training also emphasizes mindfulness, excellence in body mechanics, full body presence, and attention to good communication in the client practitioner relationship. Decades of experience tell us that these qualities are foundational supports in the practice of manual therapy.

Approach to Teaching

Our teaching methodology offers a balanced approach of theory, hands-on practice, and one to one mentorship with the instructor. In a nutshell, you learn the theory, practice the theory in real time, and refine your technique with personal guidance from the instructor. This classic way of learning – theory, practice, and refinement – is the hallmark of all our workshops, and is the best way we know to help you have a transformative learning experience.

Our Team

Craig graduated in 1995 from the Guild for Structural Integration, where he studied with two of Dr. Rolf’s principle students. Craig has extensive training and practice in yoga, tai chi, and qi gong, and has studied various movement modalities including Authentic Movement, Continuum, and Rolf Movement training with Dorthee Nolte.

Since 1982 Craig has been a student of Buddhist mediation, and practices meditation on a daily basis. He is certified as a meditation instructor and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, and has taught meditation and Buddhism in various settings in Canada, the U.S., and Brazil. Craig studied Kyodo (Zen archery) for 12 years under Kanjuro Shibata Sensi, the 20th generation bow-maker to the Emperor of Japan. Since 1995 Craig has served as a personal bodyworker to numerous Tibetan Lamas in North America, India and Nepal.

In 2009 Craig began teaching workshops for manual therapists in Canada and Europe. He developed Fascial Rebalancing to synthesize his experience, and give back some of the learning he has received over the past thirty years. Craig travels extensively teaching workshops, and also maintains private practices in Halifax and Toronto.

Jessica has been practicing as a registered massage therapist since 2000. After graduating from Northumberland College’s massage therapy program she later went on to teach for three years. In her private practice she draws on her knowledge of myofascial release, trigger point release, neuromuscular techniques, Thai Yoga Massage, and traditional Swedish massage. In 2007 Jessica founded a clinic in Halifax that provides free alternative health care for people living on low or no income. She is also a recreational soccer player, a screenplay writer, and a published short fiction writer.

Since 2008 Jessica has been mentoring with Craig Mollins in the study of Fascial Rebalancing. In addition to her six years of practice and study of the method, Jessica brings 13 years experience in private practice as an RMT, three years teaching at the Northumberland College, and her rich life experience in the liberal and healing arts, to offer a dynamic learning experience in the Fascial Rebalancing workshops.

Kathrine Walker has been a Structural Integration Practitioner since 2000, after graduating from the Guild for Structural Integration. She has been a registered massage therapist for over twenty years, and has facilitated workshops for massage therapists that include elements of mindfulness and Structural Integration.

Kathrine and her husband live in Fredericton with their three beautiful children. She spends her free time seeking adventure in the forest, hiking, bicycling, skiing, paddling, practicing yoga and tai chi, and has recently taken up the challenge of strength training.