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We are currently scheduling workshops in various locations in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and the Pacific.
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Fascial Rebalancing

Fascial Rebalancing is a method of soft tissue manipulation that unwinds whole body tension patterns, while at the same time gradually uncovering the body’s natural length, resilience, and graceful ease. 

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Mindfulness MT

If you want to work deep, you need to be deep. This workshop introduces you to sitting and walking mindfulness meditation, and blends the experience of mindfulness with the work of connective tissue manipulation.

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Craig’s teaching has helped me become a better therapist, not just in applying specific techniques, but in my overall approach. His solid foundation of mindfulness and respect help me to have a more profound and more effective connection to my self, my clients, and my work. He is a kind and creative teacher with a deep understanding of the body and its possibilities. My studies with Craig have been transformative.
-Ellen Symons, RMT, Owner, Body Poets Massage Therapy, Ottawa ON

Hi Craig. I just wanted to share with you;
The improvements that I gained from the Level 1 workshop in Windsor are still present. I was back in the gym with my personal trainer this morning and my range of motion has vastly improved. In most cases 30-40 degrees of improvement! I am so excited. I have been plateaued for a very long time and had given in to believing that I had gained back as much as my body would allow. I have been able to scale back on my chiro and laser therapy, with no adverse effects! I have a new found hope, thank you very much. Please keep doing what you are doing. I know this technique will come to help many. The team working with me on my rehab journey cannot believe the changes in my body. I look forward to learning more in the future.
-Shannon Fields Brown RMT – Windsor, ON